Getting Started

I am a writer.  I am not claiming to be a good one, but I am one.  I got a message from one of my siblings once, after having read a post of mine on the Adama fb page.  It was a comment telling me that other restaurant pages don’t contain comments of such a personal nature.  For good or for bad,  I have always at least taken into consideration the input of this occasional self-appointed editor of my life, and so I immediately stopped being as publicly open with my heart, not wanting to potentially harm my very new venture.

I have only read one book by Stephen King.  I generally avoid that genre, as it tends to stay with me for a long time.  The book I read of his was called, “On Writing.”  Apparently he would just as soon stop breathing as stop writing, and although I am not that kind of writer, the written word has always been my chosen form of expression.  I highly recommend that book; his story is inspirational on many levels, if none other than to witness the love, respect, and devotion he has for his wife.  I loved that it wasn’t a “make it big and trade her in” kind of story.

So while other business owners might not wear their hearts on their collective sleeves, this blog will be the window to mine.