I never want to be the kind of person who jumps around with joy and feels awash in blessings from above when things go “my” way, and later whines when they don’t.  If you trust that your needs are known when they are being met in a recognizable way, then just plainly trust.  Period.

Its so easy when Adama has a night of customers cozying into the booths and nooks, ordering drinks, and exclaiming over desserts, to feel like we have arrived and its smooth sailing from here on in.  That was last night.  Tonight, though, I have already sent one server and the bartender home, and had plenty of time to linger over dinner and chat with my son.  I have a couple of times in my life had bills that I knew would take some creativity on my part to get paid.  But this is the first time in my life that I come to the end of my funds weekly and wonder if the whole thing is going to crash down on me.  And, yes, its a little daunting, but there is something about coming to the end of your own resources that opens your life to miracles.