My Team

I have a team of people who build me up and always stick up for me even when I don’t think they should. After we divorced, my ex-husband remained a member of my team. I remember telling him about an incident I had when I was a long-term substitute school teacher. His response was, “They are just jealous.” It probably wasn’t true, but the fact that he thought so was soothing balm on my hurt feelings. Marsha, my friend for 30 plus years and the manager of the front of the house at Adama is like that, too. Even though I have, in my attempt to speed her along on her learning curve, been hyper-critical, whenever anyone says anything negative about me or the restaurant, she immediately jumps to my defense. I can get teary now thinking about it. And Erubiel, my cook? If it is really slow, he secretly logs out and just keeps working. Once I showed him a photo of someone who I had a sort of crush on, and he made the sourest face. He is like a family member who thinks nobody is good enough for me. And he goes beyond the call of duty without being asked. My sister acts like everything I make is magic. And my daughter always seems to know what I need, emotionally and materially, without me asking, which I am not very good at. And I know that my son always has my best interests in mind even though he doesn’t sugarcoat anything. My brother will indulge me with the same funny stories that I ask him to tell me over and over. I probably could survive without the love of the people who I just mentioned, but I wouldn’t want to. I hope you have a team. But I think it is equally important to be a member of one. I want my beloveds to know that I am on their team. In their corner.