Less Recycling, More Repurposing

This blog is going to start chronicling my attempt, both in my personal life and at Adama, to recycle less and repurpose more.  The problem with recycling is that sometimes its confusing.  And eventually whatever is recycled becomes trash.  I mean sooner or later, you know?  I recently discovered the term “repurpose” and realized that I have been trying to do that but didn’t know to call it that.

I have always been a conserver.  Not OCD about it, but, o.k., maybe a little.  Its never been a financial thing.  Its like I tell the servers, use as much water as you want to wash your hands, the more the better.  But the operative word here is “use.”  Don’t turn on the water and then soap up your hands for a minute while the water goes down the drain.  I can never get out of my head the fact that some people walk with a jug to acquire some dirty water.  I conserve water out of respect.  And out of vivd memories of the NY water shortage of the mid-60s.  Some people see suffering, see shortages, see the way some people and animals struggle and frown for a moment and forget about it.  I have never been one of those people.  Its a hard life when you internalize these experiences, but I am content to be discontent regarding the plight of others.

I know I haven’t said much about repurposing yet, but I will.